Convopointer creates a paradigm shift in how information is connected.

Think of some topic you know a thing or two about: maybe a hobby, professional field of interest, favorite sport, political issues, etc. Now imagine you are reading an article online about that topic. However, the article you are reading might not be thinking about this topic in a way you prefer or may share some ideas or information that you think is not quite right or that you would simply disagree with.

Convopointer is a tool that allows you to post a little link (we call it a Convopointer) right on that article you are viewing in order to direct future readers to some other source of information online that disagrees in some way with that original article. Maybe it has a different perspective, or shares different information, or comes to different conclusions. Maybe it presents a counter-narrative to push back against implied racism, or sexism, or homophobia.

A Paradigm Shift

When a page author includes a hyperlink on any particular webpage, article, or blog post, these hyperlinks are restricted to pointing to other pages that (1) the author is aware of and (2) that the author wishes to share!

Convopointer allows the crowd of readers of any online page, blog post, or article to link a page to any other source of information it needs to be linked to: sources that support the argument being made, sources that offer a differing perspective on the same topic, sources that actively refute the information being given.

Connect to other sources of information on the same topic BEYOND what the author is aware of and wants you to see!

For topics that you aren’t very familiar with, as you read a well-written article that draws some conclusion about that topic, it is very natural to start agreeing with the author of the piece. Convopointer provides an instant way to broaden your understanding of a topic beyond the views of the author of just one article.

Current Status:

Convopointer is currently in the process of developing a prototype and we’ll soon announce software available for testing  followed by Convopointer 1.0!

How can you get involved at this point?

The Convopointer browser extension hasn’t been released yet. In the mean-time, here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Like the Convopointer Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!
    • This is the best way to stay up-to-date on Convopointer’s progress!


  • Join the Convopointer email list!
    • We’ll notify you when the software is released!
    • You can also use this form to get in touch with us!


  • Submit your own Convopointer here!
    • If you encounter a page online that needs a Convopointer to direct readers to other information online that has a different perspective than the original page, let us know!
    • These will become the first  Convopointers once the software is released!



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