Stay connected!

At this early stage in Convopointer’s life, there are MANY ways to support this effort to provide this tool to the world!

Add Content

  • Use this form to share links to pairs of pages that NEED to be linked by a Convopointer!


  • Connect Convopointer with potential funders, start-up incubators, entrepreneurial mentors, etc.
  • Connect with people with any of the skills listed below!
  • Like Convopointer’s Facebook page!


  • Help develop a more sophisticated webpage, logo, and graphics.
  • Help develop the look and feel of the convopointers themselves, which will live on top of existing web pages.


  • Support development of the Convopointer browser ad-in used to place and view convopointers.
  • Support development of Convopointer’s internal systems to communicate with the browser ad-ins and keep track of where convopointers are placed.
  • Support development of the systematic way to track data on where convopointers are being placed, who is placing convopointers, which convopointers are being clicked, etc.
  • Support development of the algorithm for mutually ranking the quality of convopointers and the people who place them to identify convopointers that should be emphasized (or de-emphasized) on any particular page.

Contact if you’d like more information on how to get involved!


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