Convopointer at HIVE event at Harvard!

Convopointer was in the house this evening for the HIVE (Harvard graduate school of education Innovation and Ventures in Education) initial pitch night! Zack shared a quick summary of Convopointer and had great conversations with several people afterwards.

Zack standing under the (glary) Convopointer whiteboard sign, so that people could find him!

Zack standing under the (glare-y) Convopointer whiteboard sign, at HIVE night!

This event provided a great opportunity to dig into some of the educational benefits of Convopointer in all contexts. In addition to the educational benefit to EVERYONE of being able to have a streamlined way to connect to additional perspectives on any topic you encounter, several people pointed out how useful Convopointer could be in a classroom context: helping students (elementary through graduate school) find and then evaluate multiple “sides” to a story. Additionally, assigning students to CREATE their own Convopointers is a great way to push students to engage multiple viewpoints on a single topic, and then be able to assess the quality of the connections they have made!

Particular shout-outs to David A., Mark N., Daniel D., Andrew C., and Stuart J. who shared some great ideas!

It is great to see the Convopointer community growing!

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