How does it work?


When accessing an online article or blog post, Convopointer is a tool that allows users to superimpose a special link (a “convopointer”) onto the page that they are reading, the convopointer points to some other page online.

This second page (the “target page”) may offer a very different perspective on the topic discussed on the original page (the “base page”).

By following posted convopointers to the target page, readers can instantly get a possibly-conflicting way of thinking about the same information.

Convopointer includes a system for up-voting great convopointers so user can see only high-quality convopointers.

How will Convopointer make money?

People who operate websites and blogs can buy a premium membership to Convopointer that allows them access to powerful tools for analyzing clicks on Convopointers which are planted on their pages and pointing outward AND similar data on Convopointers planted around the web pointing inward to their pages.


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